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Abductee Travis Walton to hold UFO summit

ole timer Nov 7, 2014

  1. ole timer

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    Walton's story is one of the best known alien abduction cases

    In 1975 Travis Walton disappeared after he and his co-workers encountered a UFO in northeastern Arizona.

    On November 5th of that year a team of seven workers had been driving on a remote dirt road in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest when they came across a strange luminous disc-shaped object hovering nearby.

    Walton had got out of the truck to approach the craft when he was hit by a bluish light which threw him to the ground. His co-workers fled the scene in a panic but when they returned a short time later to find him both he and the mysterious object had disappeared.

    Walton would eventually turn up five days later, scared, confused and with fleeting memories of having encountered strange extraterrestrial entities during the time he was missing.

    His story would go on to become one of the best known UFO abduction cases ever recorded.

    This weekend Walton will be commemorating the 39th anniversary of the event by holding a summit featuring a number of prominent speakers including Stanton Friedman and Richard Dolan.

    The 'Skyfire Summit' will be held from November 7-9th in the town of Heber, Arizona, near to the place where the abduction incident originally occurred.