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Admiral Kuznetsov Class (China) ? 999 feet

ole timer Oct 4, 2014

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    The PLAN Liaoning is the first aircraft carrier to enter service with China. The ship was originally named the Riga during its time in Soviet service. Renamed Varyag in 1990, the carrier was deemed surplus to Russia needs as it no longer fit with the Russian post-Soviet military budget. China purchased the stripped down carrier from Ukraine in 1998 for $25 million under the story that it would be turned into a floating casino. Everyone knew such a cover-story was ridiculous and military analysts were not surprised when the carrier was commissioned into Chinese service as the Liaoning in 2012. The carrier is fitted with defenses against missiles, aircraft and submarines, as well as the ability to operate 30 fixed wing aircraft. As the Liaoning is China?s first carrier, it is primarily used to train pilots for carrier service