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Disaster Scenarios

ole timer Oct 26, 2014

  1. ole timer

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    Disaster scenario days are practice session where you can safely try out your emergency kits and disaster survival skills. Because you are learning these skills in a controlled environment you can make necessary adjustments to your kits and plans before a real disaster strikes!

    Practice your emergency scenario by following these few simple steps. (Make sure you scroll down to the examples after the bullets!)

    First figure out which aspect of your emergency plan you want to practice. Keep it simple at first. For example, practice cooking over your camp stove in the back yard for dinner one evening or turn off the power over night.
    Then set a date and stick with it. This is important because practicing for disaster situations is not convenient (say spending a night without power) and you may never get around to it if you don’t put it on the calendar.
    Recruit some friends to do it with you. It’s more fun and will help motivate you to actually do it. Get together afterwards and learn from each other’s’ experiences. This a great way to learn and grow in your survival knowledge and skills.
    Then do it! Try to make the scenario as realistic as possible, but don’t worry if you have to make some adjustments or even bail out mid-stream. That’s what these practice sessions are for!
    Take notes throughout the exercise. Then afterwards review them and take necessary actions, such as adding items to the kit, improving certain skills, or learning more about a particular disaster.
    Finally, put your next disaster scenario day on the calendar!