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Famous And Very Realistic UFO Stories

ole timer Oct 5, 2014

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    Famous And Very Realistic UFO Stories

    Quite a few UFO and alien spotting stories have been reported throughout history. Of course some received more attention than others, due to the credibility of the witness, the location, and the source. But, these are 7 famous UFO stories that have been reported, and received quite a bit of national attention, as well as world wide attention with some of the stories.

    1. 1947, Roswell -

    UFO hunters claimed that military had captured an alien air craft in Roswell. The military still claims it was a video surveillance device that they had sent out, but those who believe in aliens, and in UFO sightings, probably claim this to be the most memorable, and most credible source that has been reported, due to the fact that it came from military operations, and was a known device that was found.

    2. 1952, Washington DC Sighting -

    The Robertson Panel was formed by the CIA after many reports had come in about sightings, which was backed up by mysterious contacts that were made at three separate airports. The US Air Force claimed that the changes in temperature were the reason the radar signals were giving false readings, and were reporting the sightings that were being seen in the area.

    3. 1947, Kenneth Arnold Case -
    The pilot, and American business man reported that he had seen 9, saucer like objects, flying near a location in Mount Rainier. It was a top reported story, due to the fact that it came from a trusted source, a well known name, and that he had reported more than one sighting had occurred, over a period of time, in the same location. Although no other claims were made, this was one of the most noticed and followed stories, about UFO and alien sightings, during the period of time in our history.

    4. 1980, Rendelsham Forest Lights -
    This was one of the most famous reports to come out of the UK. It involved the sighting of a number of unexplained lights, that were found near RAF bases, on the Suffolk coast. Witnesses were an on duty serviceman, so the reports were viewed as a credible source, although the officials tried to play down the story, in order to turn away media attention on the site. To this date, there is the belief that the lights had come from an alien space craft that was around the location.

    5. 1961, The Hill Abduction -
    Barney and Betty Hill, who were from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, made a report that they were kidnapped by aliens. They reported that they were driving, and were being followed by a flying saucer, and were abducted by the air craft. They also recalled images of 3D star mapping equipment that was on board on the ship. Although the story was neither confirmed or denied, it was a big story that broke in the time period, and it was highly reported as the couple continually made the claims that they were abducted, and had no other reason to believe it was anything but alien abduction that took place.

    6. 1967, Shag Harbor -
    After a large, unidentified space craft had crashed into the harbor, the US navy was called in to do further investigation on it. The Canadian Department of National Defense conducted further research, once it was found that the object was found in Canada, and after extensive studying and research, they claimed they were unable to identify the object that was found; and, because of this, it was claimed that no clear indication or conclusion could be drawn as to what had been found at the harbor on that date.

    7. 1986, Sao Paulo Sighting, Brazil -
    Around 20 UFOs were detected around the area in the world famous destination, and military teams were instructed to go to the area to intercept the aircraft. However, upon interception, and when the military forces began to chase down the flying objects, it was reported that they mysteriously disappeared from the location which they were first noticed and spotted around. A British research claimed that a possible reason for the sighting was debris ejected from the Soviet Space Station, which entered the earth?s atmosphere. Due to the unknown nature and appearance, the spotting that was referred to as air craft and UFOs, was likely to have been a result of debris