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Horror Movies


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Jun 13, 2014
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any Horror fans out there? i love them i dunno why but i do. the older ones of course are the great ones. but even though there's some great ones from the 30's. even going back to the 20's. there's a lot of great horror films out there. and if you are like anything like me you like a variety of horror films, and also i've seen so many of them it's RARE for me to get scared by them

as much as when i was a kid. but there's still some that scare me every now & than. and as much as i love gore films, and i do, not all horror films for me have to have it in there.

today's B films for me i think are better these days than the A list films, i can make a long list of films that i love, but i want to know what you folks love/hate as well.

like For Me Dawn of the dead the Original is easily one of the BEST horror films ever made Period. but "Romero's "The Crazie's which sorry if i spelled that wrong? though it's ahead of it's time i give it that. and it's something different than a Zombie picture i thought it was a terrible film when i watched it on i believe it was TCM a few years back. of all places he he lol

anyways what are your favorites and what are your least favorites as well?