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Izumo (Japan) ? 813 feet

ole timer Oct 4, 2014

  1. ole timer

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    Although only one ship in this class has been completed, Japan plans on building at least one more for the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force. The Izumo is a helicopter carrier whose main military purpose is to hunt down enemy submarines and destroy them. It can carry up to 14 helicopters or 400 troops and a few dozen vehicles. Costing approximately $1.2 billion a piece, the Izumo class are the most modern ship in the Japanese fleet and the largest that Japan has built since the Second World War. Other than the sub-hunting helicopters, this class of warship has no offensive armament and sports only a few short range guns and surface-to-air missiles for defensive purposes. The Chinese government has argued that the Izumos could operate more offensive aircraft, like the F-35 stealth fighter, with little modification. These claims have been rejected, as such an act would violate the constitution of Japan which forbids offensive weaponry