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New Medical Medicine and MD's


Sep 15, 2016
Im an older guy. The age of a Dr that is based on research and minimal time consumption is here. Now! My current MD is based on pure research and fact. Not wasting my money on a blood sample that means nothing. I literally see my Dr once a year. It messed me up at first I admit, but the guy is great. He don't like wasted money on tests not needed. He calls himself a Medically Based Research MD on fact. The guy is wonderful and I will say I never been more healthy at my age than my last MD. This guy is awesome! He calculates and reads all my notes from anyone I see in the MD world.

Its the most dam thing to get used to I admit. I thought the guy was a nut at first. But hes actually correct and wont do anything redundant or bill be for an extra dollar. He actually saves me money in many cases. I called the guy a quack to his face a decade ago but im more healthy now than ever than with my last MD. This guy reads numbers like a math major.

The days for a guy to "drop his pants-look left and cough" are over!

Yes...When your older you do need that colon thing and exam, buts thats minimal. Nobody has given me the "finger" exam in years. That stuff is long gone for a male and the tests are more simple that they even done in your home.

Dont use this post as ANY medical info. Im just a guy making a post and I wont post Google Links. Get with your MD and talk to him/her.

Older people still need screenings. This post is not a substitute for your care!

EDIT: Before anyone thinks my care is based on improper care that just plain sucks....It dont! My annual physical actually lasts over an hour+ of time with my Dr. I am checked head to toe, but A Dr like mine dont need to grab my balls. I really do have good healthcare. Like most of us I write a check each month for my health care. Its actually NOT high end, but my MD is! Hes a very serious guy and trust me....He asks alot of questions and I will answer anything fully! My current MD is top notch. As long as I answer....or ask. I get NO BS!
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