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Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire - Episode 10: Constantine the Great (Documentary


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Sep 29, 2013
The Roman Empire was the largest and most powerful in history, but how did ancient Rome achieve its greatness? And why did it eventually collapse? In this epic series, we explore these questions, following the most dramatic Roman characters as they lead an empire slowly sliding to its own destruction and the Barbarian leaders who brought about that destruction. We vividly recreate the living environment of the time: teeming Roman streets, struggling armies, gladiators, Roman excesses and debauchery, the camps and villages of the barbarians, and the deeply human struggle of outsiders to conquer and Romans to survive.

Episode 10: Constantine the Great

As emperor of Spain, Gaul, and Britain, Constantine proves his strength against his barbarian enemies. But when the other Roman emperors begin to turn on each other again, Constantine determines to put an end to such rivalries once and for all.

Defeating emperor after emperor, Constantine slowly gains control of the entire Roman Empire and establishes a new capital in the east. Along the way, he has a vision that will change the course of western civilization forever. Fighting under the cross of the Christian God, Constantine not only legitimizes the young religion, but seeks to use it as a unifying force in the empire.