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The Exorcist

ole timer

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Aug 8, 2014
The Exorcist

We can?t leave you without our number one choice, and what kind of list would this be without The Exorcist? William Peter Blatty wrote the book in 1971, and based it on an actual exorcism that took place in the Washington D.C. area in 1949. Instead of the daughter of a famous movie star, the exorcism was actually performed on a young boy. Just like depicted in the film, the young boy dabbled in the occult by playing with a Quija board ? something introduced to him by his aunt.

Needless to say, strange things began to occur after the aunt died. Assuming it was in fact the aunt, the family of the young boy tried to make contact, but that seemed to make things much worse.

Scratching and knocking could be heard throughout the entire house, and on one night the mother was horrified to discover her son?s bed shaking violently. This was followed by other furniture beginning to move on its own. Several neighbors also witnessed disturbing things taking place in the house, and the young boy?s behavior began to change dramatically.