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UFO' filmed over Florida from cruise ship

ole timer Nov 7, 2014

  1. ole timer

    ole timer Forum Owner Forum Owner

    Could the object be a drone

    A strange object has been caught on video by a passenger aboard a cruise ship off the Florida coast.

    The controversial footage was recorded by a woman named Maureen who claimed that she and her friend had observed the object in broad daylight as it hovered over the water.

    The peculiar craft appears to be a roughly rectangular platform with two cylindrical structures on either side and a raised central section. Despite the shaky video the object can be seen quite clearly with a significant amount of detail visible.

    While some Internet users have remarked that the video could be evidence of alien visitors or the testing of secret government technology, the prevailing theory at the moment is that the object may have simply been some sort of drone that was flying alongside the ship.